Photo: DisobeyArt (Shutterstock) When a car’s heat is working, it can feel glorious on a cold day—thawing you out so efficiently that you might have to take your coat off to keep from overheating. (Just make sure you don’t do that while you’re driving.) And if you’re lucky enough to have heated seats? Basically a trip to the spa. (Although instead of sipping on cucumber-infused water, it’s a half-empty water bottle that has been sitting in your car for who-knows-how-long.) So when your heat isn’t working, you notice. In addition to dealing with frosted and foggy windows , it’s another one of the “fun” parts about driving in the winter (in cold climates). There are several different reasons why your heat won’t come on (Jonathon Klein goes over seven of them in this article in The Drive ), including the most common cause of your lack of heat: a broken thermostat. Here’s how to figure out if yours is broken, and if it is, how to fix it. How to tell if a thermostat is broken While a faulty thermostat isn’t the only reason your heat isn’t working, Klein says that it’s the one that’s most frequently to blame. “Stuck open or stuck closed, the part can not only cause issues with your heat but also your engine’s cooling system,” he writes . Aside from the overall lack of heat, here are a few other clues that your thermostat might be broken, courtesy of YourMechanic : The temperature gauge […]