HBO has long been the premier “movie” channel, offering exclusive release of films through cable television immediately after they were released in theaters. Over the years, the network has added streaming services. They’ve also produced their own series and movies, while maintaining their position at the top of today’s pay television industry. And for those of us who spend a lot of time in our RVs or camping off-grid, HBO has provided numerous hours of enjoyment indoors. A new offering from HBO will add even more options to your camping entertainment. Check out HBO Max: What is HBO Max? If you love getting “first look” screenings of films and TV shows, HBO Max was created just for you. HBO Max hasa the epic series and blockbuster movies that HBO has always been known for. Then, add in selections from so many other networks and studios! HBO Max has shows from the BBC, TNT, TBS, Warner Brothers, the Cartoon Network, the CW and Studio Ghibli, and more. This all adds up to a jam-packed lineup for your viewing pleasure. But it doesn’t stop there! HBO Max is poised to provide same day streaming of movies as they premiere in theaters throughout 2021. You will have access to new movies on the day they open on local screens. Plus, you can watch them for up to 31 days after their theatrical release. The service is able to command top price at $14.99 a month. But, it can be streamed on a […]