Photo: Andrey Yusenkov (Shutterstock) As convenient as they are, and regardless of how many pine-scented candles you light, it can feel like there’s something missing from artificial Christmas trees. It’s not only the mess live trees can make when their needles fall off and then are tracked around the house (although that’s a bonus). The other thing absent from (most) artificial Christmas trees is bugs. Sure, it sounds gross—and fortunately, is pretty rare—but that’s kind of what you signed on for when you decided to bring a recently chopped tree out of nature and into your home. Now that Christmas is over and your tree is probably coming down soon anyway, it may seem like dealing with any of its pest residents is doing too little, too late. But it’s not—doing a bug-check before taking the tree down (and taking action, if necessary) is a good idea before you drag the tree through your home and out the door. Here are the bugs to look for and how to get rid of them. The bugs that may live on your Christmas tree Before we go any further, we should point out that the bug occupants of Christmas trees, while disgusting, are probably not going to hurt you. As Dr. Chad Gore, an entomologist and market technical director with Ehrlich Pest Control , recently told Prevention , most Christmas tree pests stick to feeding on plants—especially sap (which is why they’re on your tree in the first place). One exception, […]