How to Spend a Day in Surprise , Arizona A day spent in Surprise, Arizona can be surprisingly fun! Good food, good drinks, beautiful scenery, and exciting attractions will make this unassuming destination a day-trip to remember. Never heard of Surprise? Keep reading to learn more. About Surprise A rizona The city of Surprise, AZ is located about 45 minutes northwest of Downtown Phoenix . It spans 108 square miles and boasts a population of over 141,000. But don’t write this town off as just another mid-sized suburb. Given Surprise’s history, its size and population are surprisingly impressive! When the town got its start back in 1938, it was only one square mile. The founder, Flora Mae Statler, remarked that she “would be surprised if the town ever amounted to much,” which is how Surprise got its name. And we’re certain she really would be surprised if she could see the town today. By the year 2000, Surprise had grown to about 30,000 people. And just twenty years later, that number has more than quadrupled. What has drawn so many people to call Surprise home? As the city’s official website states, Surprise offers a “small-town feel with big-city amenities.” Shopping, dining, festivals, art galleries, Major League Baseball events, and so much more are available to residents and visitors alike. Plus, it’s just a short day-trip away from destinations like the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas. People also come to Surprise to take advantage of the weather. While summers can […]