How to Spend a Day in Port St. Joe, Florida Whenever we see a reference to Port St. Joe, Florida, our minds immediately go to a platter of fresh oysters on the half shell. We can literally smell them – and taste them, too! This charming little Gulf Coast town is close to where some of the most flavorful oysters come from, but those briny wonders from the sea certainly aren’t the only thing that Port St. Joe has to brag about. Though it’s much lesser known than other places in this area of Florida like Panama City, Destin and Fort Walton Beach, Port St. Joe certainly has a lot to call its own. About Port Saint Joe, Florida One of the reasons that Port St. Joe is not as talked about is because its history as a tourist spot is relatively short. The town itself was first incorporated in 1835 as St. Joseph, taking its name from St. Joseph Bay. Its early history was brief, because of a series of calamities that included a yellow fever outbreak (in 1841) and a couple of major storms. A new town with the more casual name of Port St. Joe sprang up in 1909. One of the town’s longtime industries kept a lot of visitors away, however, until it shut down in 1999. If you’ve ever smelled a paper mill, you’ll understand why lots of vacationers kept driving when they passed through Port St. Joe. This friendly town of around 3,500 […]