When you’re in the Tucson area in southern Arizona, a side trip up to Oro Valley is definitely in order. In the foothills of the majestic Santa Catalina Mountains, Oro Valley sets among a gorgeous landscape. It’s a young city on the move, but it has some ancient tales to tell. Oro Valley AZ is just a few miles north of the much larger Tucson, and parts of it have a small-town feel by comparison. Recreation is big in Oro Valley. There’s an artistic bent as well because the surrounding beauty is so inspiring. There’s so much to do in Oro Valley that it’s hard to decide what to leave out of a story like this. We’ve narrowed the list as best as we could for our suggestions on how to spend your time in Oro Valley AZ. About Oro Valley Oro Valley wasn’t incorporated as a city until 1974, but the name itself dates back to the 1800s. It refers to long-held beliefs that there were gold deposits somewhere near. The territory itself has been inhabited off and on for a couple of thousands years. Its rich multicultural history is on proud display throughout the city. Oro Valley has a population of around 45,000 and a strong tech presence. A vibrant and self-sustaining community, it’s much more than just a suburb. There are two major seasons in Arizona – a hot summer and mild winter. Highs can easily pass 100 in the summer months, and heat stroke is […]