Welcome to Oatman, Arizona! While you may have never heard of this tiny mining town in the Black Mountains, we’re sure that you’ll never forget your visit. Come along with us as we introduce you to the town of Oatman and all of the interesting things you can do in a day there. About Oatman, Arizona Oatman, Arizona is an old mining town. It wass established in the 1860s by a prospector named Johnny Moss. He named the area after a young girl, Olive Oatman. Olive was captured and enslaved by a tribe of Native Americans after her family was killed. Eventually, she was adopted by the Mohave, who gave her the customary face tattoos of their tribe. To this day, you’ll find pictures of Olive’s tattooed face scattered throughout the town. While Olive’s story lives on, gold mining is what really put Oatman on the map. By 1941, nearly 40 million US dollars worth of gold had been produced by its mines. Sadly, despite its golden success, it didn’t take long for Oatman to devolve into a ghost town. World War II lead to the closing of the mines. The only saving grace Oatman had was its Route 66 status. But when the highway was rerouted in 1953, Oatman became nothing more than a forgotten blip on the Arizona map. Oatman Today Today, Oatman has been reclaimed as a tourist town. A shocking number of visitors flock there to experience a taste of the Wild West. In fact, […]