Photo: Pawarun Chitchirachan (Shutterstock) Whether you have a brand-new Windows laptop or you’re giving your PC a little TLC in the form of a new reinstallation of Windows 10, setting up your operating system correctly is easy. There are a bunch of variables you might not know about, sure, but this isn’t rocket science. It doesn’t take very long to get Windows 10 up and running, and customizing it from there is worth however much time you feel like spending—you’ll only have to do the basics once, after all. Reinstalling Windows doesn’t take as much time as you think I’ll be walking through the Windows installation process on a Surface Pro laptop, which might have a few different options or screens than the desktop or laptop you’re using. If you don’t need help getting Windows 10 installed, and want to skip straight to some settings and configuration advice, just click here . When Windows’ installation process starts up—on my Surface Pro, at least—Microsoft uses Cortana to say hello and explain a few basic steps. It can be a little jarring to have your laptop start blasting noise at you, so I quickly mute Cortana (sorry) as soon as she begins her monologue. Once she’s done, Windows asks you to confirm your location—that’s easy—and then you’ll then be asked to confirm the keyboard layout you want. I’m willing to bet that 99 percent of you will go with the default option, as you should. Also, a brief aside: Since Cortana […]