Photo: David Murphy As you recall, Apple runs its App Store with an iron fist. And it’ll be a cold day in Cupertino before the company allows game-streaming services to have regular ol’ apps—not unless the service submits each streamable game for review by Apple, which isn’t going to happen. And you can bet Apple would want to take a cut from anything users pay for streaming subscriptions. To get around that, streaming services are turning to your web browser, of all places. That’s exactly how you’ll be able to stream Google Stadia in iOS and iPadOS today: via Safari. Well, technically, via a progressive web app that runs on your device without the Safari UI mucking it up, giving the illusion that you’re running a native iOS or iPadOS app without Stadia actually being one. How easy is this to set up? Painfully—with one quirk. You can actually download Google Stadia from the App Store right now. You can install it and use it to access your Stadia account—including the Stadia store—and the app even gives the illusion that you’ll be able to use it to stream games. This is, of course, not correct, because you’ll get this screen if you try: Instead, you’ll want to launch Safari—and only Safari, as you can’t install a PWA using other browsers, like Chrome. Pull up Google Stadia’s website and sign in (if needed). Tap the share button at the bottom of your browser, and then tap Add to Home Screen […]