Photo: Luis_Monasterio (Shutterstock) Every year I make a vague-but-ambitious resolution to “read more,” and every year I start strong but lose momentum after about three months. It’s not for lack of interest or trying—I just haven’t set a realistic goal that involves reading books I actually like. Here are a few strategies for setting a reading goal and actually sticking to it. Make time to read This is easier said than done, obviously, especially if you’re working and parenting and simply trying to survive every day. But if you don’t already have time to read, you won’t be reading more this year without making some small adjustments. Try audiobooks . This frees up time for “reading” while you’re also cooking or cleaning or driving. Read while you eat or drink . If you’re using mealtime to scroll through social media, swap out your phone for a book. Schedule reading time . Put reading on your work calendar just like any other meeting so no one can claim that time—and then actually take a break. Carry a book . If you have a book handy both in your home and while you’re out, you can fit a few pages in while in the bathroom or waiting for an appointment. Make your goal realistic If you don’t currently read at all, or if it takes you months to finish one book, you probably aren’t going to read a book every week or a chapter a day. Maybe you aim instead for […]