Image: Twitter After several months in beta, Twitter’s “Fleets” feature is now rolling out to all iOS and Android users. Despite Twitter marketing Fleets as “disappearing” Tweets, they’re really yet another version of the popular “stories” feature found on most social media platforms (including LinkedIn, for some reason ), featuring content that only sticks around for 24 hours.

Fleets can contain tweets (yours or someone else’s), pictures, GIFs, or video clips, plus additional overlay text or emojis. Just like story posts on every other social media app out there, accounts with new Fleets are highlighted in a sliding menu above the normal Twitter feed. Tap the profile picture to watch, and tap the edges of the screen to skip to the next Fleet in your feed.

Posting Fleets—which I guess would be “Fleeting,” a phrase that should never catch on—will also be familiar to anyone who’s used stories before:

data-style=”Number” data-type=”List”> In the Twitter app, tap your profile icon

Tap “Share a fleeting thought..”

Customize the Fleet with emojis, text, and the like, then tap “Fleet” to post it. The Fleet will show up on your profile and stay available for 24 hours.

You can also share Tweets as Fleets: data-style=”Number” data-type=”List”> Tap “Share” on the Tweet you want to, er, Fleet. Select “Share in Fleet.” Add any reactions or extra text you want, then tap “Fleet.” Customization options are limited for now, but Twitter says it will add stickers and live broadcasting options to Fleets […]