Burning Concerns – duckycards/istockphoto Reduce the Weight of Your Vehicle – sshepard/istockphoto Skip the Tow Vehicle – Srdjana1/istockphoto Sign Up for Fuel Station Loyalty Memberships – Good Sam Slide 1 of 21: Exploring the country in an RV can be one of the most memorable and budget-friendly ways to travel. (It also has the advantage of letting travelers avoid hotels and other shared spaces during the pandemic.) In fact, according to one industry study, an RV vacation for a family of four is typically 21% to 64% cheaper than other types of vacation travel. As budget-friendly as this type of vacationing may be, the cost of gas when traveling by RV is no small consideration. Filling the tank for a Class A motorhome, which holds anywhere from 100 to 150 gallons, can cost $200 to $600 (at $2 to $4 a gallon), a figure that would certainly eat away at a vacation budget. With that in mind, we asked RV bloggers and travelers to share their top tips for saving gas. (When you do hit the road, keep these 50 Budget-Friendly RV Campgrounds in mind.) Related: 17 Tips for RVers Riding Out the Coronavirus Pandemic