Photo: Alexey Kompaniychenko (Shutterstock) In many ways, the pandemic has forced families to slow down to a pace that felt impossible a year ago. I can remember, last March, staring at the large wall calendar that hangs in my kitchen. One by one, we’d crossed out basketball practices, soccer games, playdates, and family get-togethers until all that was left was a written reminder to give our dog his monthly heart worm prevention medication. Suddenly, there was nothing to fill our evenings besides family dinners and board games. For many families, these past several months have been an opportunity to reclaim the Family Dinner, a thing that previously may have been hard to fit in among all the gymnastics classes and Boy Scouts meetings. As a result, however, these past months may also have served as a reminder that while sitting down to eat together as a family is a good and worthy goal, that doesn’t mean it always goes smoothly. After hours of virtual learning (for them) and working (for you), and after yet another day full of sibling bickering and uncooperative technology, you might all arrive to the dinner table with a somewhat cranky disposition. The last thing you felt like doing was cooking a big meal, but now that you have, the last thing they feel like doing is eating whatever you made. We’re still stuck in the same old pandemic, but it’s a new year, which can provide some motivation to shake things up. If you […]