Photo: Everett Collection (Shutterstock) One cannot fully imagine the experience of parenthood until one is in the thick of it. You assume you will love your children, and that you will fear for their health and safety. And you’re sure that, at times, it will be challenging—even downright difficult. But it is not until you hold your child for the first time that the enormity of all it—the love, the fear, the crippling exhaustion—hits you head-on. It makes sense, therefore, to wonder—whether months, weeks, or hours into your parenting journey—how in the hell do people raise more than one of these at a time? Logistically, how is such a thing possible? Oh god, are parents of twins okay ? When one new parent recently took to Reddit to ask this very question, they were met with the most honest and sincere of answers. Here is what u/Embarrassed-Sock1460 asked : How do people manage more than one child?? My wife and I are thinking we will have 3-4 kids. However we have a 3 month old at home and I have NO IDEA how people manage more than just one. Do parents somehow become more efficient with more kids?? Any veteran parent can feel the weight of their stress in all those question marks. But Reddit came to reassure Embarrassed-Sock1460 that it is indeed possible to survive while parenting more than one child. Here’s how: Your standards drop The dropping of one’s standards is key when parenting multiple children, as […]