Photo: Claire Lower It’s turkey time, which means you may or may not be freaking out about how to prepare the biggest meal of the year. Don’t worry, we here at Lifehacker have you covered with The Right Stuffing , featuring tips, tricks, and many, many recipes to make sure you have the easiest, tastiest Thanksgiving possible.

As a woman of Southern origin, I find few things as comforting as a good casserole, particularly around this time of year. ( This one is my favorite.) Casseroles are almost a love language—if someone gives you a casserole, they are saying, “Here, friend—here is a complete meal that requires so little of you.” I think that is very nice.

We may not be able to gather together this year, but we can certainly swap (casseroles, that is) and thereby feel close without getting close. Now, depending on where your friends and family are, it may not be as simple as dropping a casserole on their doorstep, but modifications can be made for distance. No matter how far apart the participants are, the same rules apply: everyone is randomly assigned a casserole buddy (use a name-drawing generator online), and you either deliver a fully assembled casserole to your buddy, or provide them with the means to make said casserole. If your loved ones are super close

This is the easiest. Just make a casserole, wrap it in foil, and drop it off on their doorstep (make sure they’re home first). Dropping off a hot […]