Photo: Microgen (Shutterstock) Just about every commercial gym has a giant wall of mirrors, either surrounding the whole space or lining the portion of the gym with the dumbbell rack. Watching yourself in the mirror can help you to make sure you’re lifting with the correct form and using the right muscles, so what the heck do you do if you’re lifting in a garage with no mirrors at all? The truth is, your garage (or living room, or backyard) is not the only fitness space in the world that lacks mirrors. Crossfit boxes, for example, often have none. In my experience combined with my creeping on Instagram, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a gym set up for powerlifters, competitive weightlifters, or strongman competitors that had a wall of mirrors. What mirrors are for Mirrors in gyms come from a bodybuilding tradition, in which you’re doing exercises to target specific muscle groups. Watching yourself in the mirror helps you to know whether you’re doing the move exactly as intended, and you can see your muscles working. The few times I have seen mirrors in a powerlifting or weightlifting gym, they’ve been small and positioned by the dumbbells. They make the most sense there: if you’re doing lateral raises , you can make sure you’re lifting both arms evenly. If you’re doing a bicep curl, you can make sure you’re keeping your elbow in place to isolate the bicep rather than “cheating” with your body. Lifting in front of […]