New Year’s Day is a great opportunity for a fresh start. With the turn of a new year, you can look back on lessons learned from the year before and decide what you want of the year to come. And what better way to clear your head than to start off your year with a hike? What is First Day Hikes? Each year on January 1st, the American Hiking Society (AHS) organizes First Day Hikes for people of all ages and abilities across all 50 states. It’s a way to promote state parks and encourage healthy, quality family time. Hikes are usually guided with large groups but for 2021, the AHS is encouraging participants to enjoy self-guided hikes or even hike virtually. Regardless of how you partake in First Day Hikes, we’ll give you some ideas. Cold Weather Hiking Tips When taking to the trails in the winter, there are a few things to keep in mind. We have a whole guide on cold weather hiking tips , so be sure to review that in greater detail before you plan to take an extended hike. Here are some highlights if you’re not going for long: Clothing Tips for Cold Weather Hiking Layer up: Start with a moisture wicking baselayer , add an insulating mid-layer, and top it all off with a shell layer to keep wind and moisture out. Add and remove layers throughout the day to stay comfortable, and make sure to remove and replace wet or sweaty […]