Photo: fizkes (Shutterstock) If it seemed like kids didn’t have much to say about their school day before the pandemic hit, it shouldn’t be surprising that they’re not interested in discussing their day now. Before, they used to actually leave the house several days a week! They used to go into a different structure, separate from your home, bustling with activity! They used to eat a lunch you didn’t make and have conversations you had no way of overhearing. So much happened in a day, and yet it all seemed mundane enough to not merit more than a grunt or two in your general direction by the time you picked them up. Given that their days are continuing to bleed together in endless pandemic monotony, it makes sense if they don’t feel like deconstructing their whole day for you. But you should still try to get them talking—and here are a few tips to get you started. Give them some space Kids are often at their crankiest immediately after school. For little kids, they have been spending the entire day trying to be good and concentrate (perhaps an even bigger struggle now than usual). When they’re done, they’re done. It is not uncommon, in my experience, for a child to have a perfectly good day at school and then melt down in epic fashion 30 seconds after they enter your car. You are their safe space, after all. Back when I was still picking my son up from school, […]