Screenshot: David Murphy If you’ve been keeping up on your Windows updates, odds are good that you installed Microsoft’s October 2020 series of tweaks and fixes—assuming you weren’t blocked from doing so. One big change that power users likely noticed is the removal of the old-school System window from your Control Panel. The link previously took you to a screen that looked like this: Screenshot: David Murphy Now you get shoveled to Windows 10’s “About” Settings page, which looks like this: Screenshot: David Murphy I don’t mind the change, since you can still find most of the same information as before, just reorganized. However, I am a little annoyed that you can’t adjust a setting to default to the old-school window, if you prefer it. But thanks to three little workarounds, you can still access the older System Control Panel we all know and love—for now. To get started, pull up the Control Panel in Windows 10. Don’t click on System , which will launch the About window in the Settings app. Instead, drag the System link to your taskbar. This should pin the icon to your taskbar, which is exactly what you want. Right-click on it, which should look like this: Screenshot: David Murphy Click on System and, like magic, the old-school System window will appear once again: Screenshot: David Murphy All the links function as they normally would, since it’s the same ol’ classic System window you’ve been using in Windows for years. Isn’t it lovely? If […]