Best RV Bed Sheets Vacationing in an RV is fabulous because it means you can sleep in your own comfy bed no matter where you roam. That said, your bed is only as comfortable as the bedding you put on it, especially since RV mattresses aren’t always the best. We recommend a high quality mattress topper, a nice mattress pad, a good comforter, some squishy pillows, and of course, a soft set of sheets. The thing is, many people aren’t sure where to begin when shopping for RV bed sheets. If you’re wondering what size camper bed sheets you need, or where to buy the best RV bed sheets, you’re in the right place. Let’s dive in so you can have the very best bedding for your next big adventure. What size bed sheets go on a camper bed? We can begin by discussing the various sizes of RV beds. As you might already know, most RV beds do not match the standard bed sizes we’re all accustomed to. Otherwise, we could all head out to Target and grab a set of traditional bedsheets and be on our way. Since RV beds come in some unusual sizes, the first step to ensuring you purchase sheets that will fit your bed is figuring out what size your bed is. The most typical RV bed sizes include: RV Twin — 28”x75” or 28”x80” Truck Size (like what semi drivers have)— Between 35”x70” and 42”x80” Bunk Size — 28”x75”. 30”x75”, 30”x80”, or […]