2020 is coming to a close, but there is no need to stop shopping for the camper of your dreams. Here are 3 great ways you can still find a good end of the year deal on an RV. Search for RVs that have been put on clearance. Often, dealers will put unsold units in a clearance sale because for some reason, that model or floor plan did not sell. Some common reasons why it may still be hanging around the lot: The dealer purchased too many of that model The floor plan may not be as appealing as others The price may be out of range for many The new 2021 models are set to arrive soon and they are making room When negotiating a price for “aged” inventory, you have leverage because the dealer still hopes the unit will move at the previous prices. Often, the dealer will make a deal with you simply because he has had no other buyers. A great way to quickly find newly discounted RVs on RVT.com is to use the top menu to find Reduced Price RV’s : 2. If you are shopping for a used RV, match the NADA value to the listed price and make an offer. If you see a unit you like, but it is out of your price range, you can leverage the current NADA values to make a case for the lower price point. NADA lists low, med, and high estimated values for RVs that […]