Photo: Syda Productions (Shutterstock) The unchecked spread of COVID-19 has likely meant that your life has decisively less options than before. In the Before Times, there were gyms, restaurants, movie theaters, concerts, and basically every amenity offered by the outside world that has since been restricted due to the pandemic, for understandable reasons. And without almost everything your life used to offer, you may have started drinking more often to fill the void. If this is the case, you’re not alone. I certainly can relate; my monthly budget is drained more than ever by trips to the wine store, and during the eeriness of the pandemic’s early days, my wife and I dedicated at least one night a week to frozen margaritas. Though drinking is a coping mechanism for the anxiety, boredom, and existential dread that’s defined life in 2020, you should probably cut back a little bit if the activity is starting to become more of a burden than a leisure activity. Here are some ways to curb your alcohol consumption as we slog into what his hopefully a brighter and more promising new year. Examine why you’re drinking There’s some obvious answers born of the particulars of living during a pandemic, sure, but it’s still crucial to ask the question of why you’re drinking. Are you drinking to fulfill a gnawing sense of boredom? Because you’re afraid of the creeping sense of panic that might set in if you don’t dull your senses? You might be drinking […]