I’ve made some long trips from Houston to Montana, and Houston to Washington state etc… Most of the nights were at rest stops next to big rigs. A few nights I’ve stayed at truck stops due to severe weather/rest stops being closed. I’ve also utilized the road side parking where big rigs park without services. Apps used are RV Parky, iOverlander, Free campsites.net, Park Advisor, UC Public CG, and Google maps by typing “truck stops” and “rest areas.” Also pulling up the states road conditions and closures is helpful. I always try to stay on major interstates due to fuel availability (ease of filling up in larger parking lot, propane, dump stations, parking ease), rest stop availability, and road conditions on long travels. One benefit to rest stops is the ability to use generator if needed due to big rigs running. Also multiple rest stops have had exclusive RV parking. If the rest stop has a spot that is not very long, or a place that won’t take away from a truck driver I will always choose that spot. If there is only one spot remaining I’ll drive to the next rest stop so I don’t take away from a truck driver but that’s just me. It’s very rare for them to fill up overnight, and I can only remember one time recently that the stop was full (snowing in Wyoming). One thing to also remember is to ask the truck stops if you can park for the night. […]