If the thought of traveling the country appeals to you, you have probably considered RV camping. There is really no better way to do it! But if your wife (or significant other) isn’t as into the idea, what can you do? Here are a few strategies to convince your wife to go RV camping. If she has concerns, the following tips will definitely make for a more successful RV experience. (For both of you!) Convincing Your Partner To Go RV Camping We’re going to start with the disclaimer that you should respect your partner’s opinion. They probably has very valid reasons for not wanting to RV. But if they’re on the fence, here are a few tips to make the experience more enjoyable. If you help your partner see how fun RVing can be, they’ll be much more on board with the idea. 1. Don’t Have An RV Yet? Try Renting Different Styles That She Picks Out To Find a Rig She Can’t Wait To Camp In If you don’t already have an RV, picking something your wife will love is a great starting point. She may envision camping in a dark, musty, old trailer with classy 90s upholstery and wallpaper for days. But, we both know that RVs have come a long way. Some of them are nicer than a sticks and bricks house! One way to help get your wife on board is to show her different styles of RV. You can do this by renting different […]