Photo: (Shutterstock) If you fancy yourself something of an audiophile and Spotify doesn’t cut it for you, you might be itching to start (or build out) your own record collection. Transitioning to vinyl opens doors to an entire musical universe that may not even be available on Spotify or other streaming services. Whether you’re looking to start DJing or just love the warmth of generated by a needle caressing your favorite LP, there are a few things to keep in mind when buying and selling wax online. Establish your taste Part of the thrill of collecting records is finding something rare in the wild, or digging through crates for hours and coming up empty, only to find a gem at the last minute. While anyone can and should listen to whatever records they want, I recommend looking outside the realm of contemporary mainstream pop if you want to put together a sizable record collection, the reason being—and forgive me if I sound a tad snobby—the allure of records comes partly from their physical reality, which often entitles you to rarities like decorated vinyl and exclusive bonus tracks. You don’t necessarily want to spend a ton of money on a basic album replicating material you could readily listen to on Spotify, do you? But that’s just me—and you should definitely do you while diving head first into the world of vinyl. Buying your records online If you’re looking for vinyl’s answer to eBay—that isn’t eBay—you will do no better […]