Screenshot: CD Projekt Red Considering it’s one of the biggest-selling games of the year, Cyberpunk 2077 is a mess . It might run well on your PC, if you have good enough specs, but there are still plenty of game-breaking bugs to deal with. One of the worst can corrupt your save file without warning, leading to hours of lost gameplay. According to many posts on Cyberpunk 2077’s subreddit, GOG technical support , and the Steam community page , if your save file gets larger than 8MB, Cyberpunk 2077 will refuse to load it. This corrupts the save file irreparably, which could be devastating to your in-game progress if you don’t have a backup file. Worse, developer CD Project Red apparently knew about this, but didn’t think to warn players until now. The company responded to several complaints, saying the limitation is on purpose—but it might increase the supported file size in future patches. Unfortunately, already corrupted saves cannot be recovered. That means until the potential patch shows up, ruining your saved game is a constant possibility if the file becomes too big. However, you should be able to avoid this with a few modifications to your gameplay. Craft and loot sparingly—and don’t dupe items Excessively crafting weapons or storing too many collectables in your character’s inventory appear to be the most reliable ways to inflate your save file. Considering Cyberpunk 2077 is an open-world RPG that actively encourages you to loot everything, you’d think CD Projekt Red would […]