My neighbors, Emily and Bob, retired with just $200,000 in their Roth IRAs. They made several decisions early in life: They treated debt as a four-letter word, bought real estate early on and got teaching jobs. Their advice: Plan early and never take on more debt than absolutely necessary. Take control of your own money with Facet Wealth — a virtual full-service financial planning service with dedicated certified financial planners. My neighbors, both retired teachers, spend all their time tending their chickens, going on long walks and figuring out where they’ll travel after COVID-19 disappears. They spend an hour a week talking about their big plans for 2021 — though I wonder what that’ll look like, because my neighbor Bob seems awfully content dinking around in his vegetable garden while his wife Emily watches him, drinking lemonade. I keep wondering, “Will I ever get there?” They sure had a lot to teach me when I finally asked how they did it. I apologized for being so nosy, but I was dying to know their secrets. Mantra: Debt is a Four-Letter Word Emily and Bob put a down payment on their first home the day before they got married, at age 25. “We got a 15-year mortgage,” my neighbors told me. “We paid it off by the time we were 40.” They moved out of that house and got another 15-year mortgage for a larger home — and paid it off in 10 years — by the time they turned […]