How Much do RVs Weigh? Knowing your RV inside and out is always a good idea. This allows you to know when something isn’t quite right, make your own repairs, and avoid potential issues. For this reason, we advise every RV owner to really get up close and personal with their rig, getting to know all of the vehicle’s quirks, its plumbing and electrical systems, and of course its size. When it comes to knowing the size of your RV, you will want to know how tall it is in order to avoid scraping low bridges and tree branches. You’ll also want to know how much your rig weighs, as well as the various carrying and towing capacities of your setup. Knowing these weights and weight limitations can help when going over bridges with weight limits. It’ll also help you make sure you are driving as safely as possible. It does this by ensuring your rig isn’t carrying or towing too much—something that can be a serious problem, especially when it comes to stopping quickly or driving on a windy day. So how much do RVs weigh? Well, below we’ve gathered some averages for you to have a look at, as well as some explanations to help you better understand what these numbers mean. Understanding RV Weight Specs Before we get into the average weight of RVs, let’s talk a little bit about the various specs we are giving out. This is important because it isn’t just the weight […]