Photo: Beth Skwarecki For the past few months, I’ve been wearing an Oura ring to track my sleep. In December, I added a Whoop band for comparison’s sake. I was curious about them because I’ve seen so many athletes—professional and recreational—say they use devices like these to monitor how well they’re recovering from strenuous workouts. Some even use the gadgets’ feedback to plan future workouts. So I had to try it for myself. Welcome, by the way, to the 2021 edition of the Lifehacker Fitness Challenge . Until now, we’ve been all about giving readers ideas for exercises you can do at the gym or at home. But there are plenty of home workout challenges out there (and many of us won’t be going anywhere else for a while), so we’re putting a new spin on this column for the coming year. I (and soon, other Lifehacker staffers) will be trying out different fitness hacks and reporting weekly on how they did—or didn’t!—change our lives. This month, follow along with my experiences as I track my sleep. Today, I’ll tell you about what brought me to this challenge, and in the coming weeks I’ll give you a full rundown of what it’s like to live your life with each of these devices. How I got started I learned the hard way about the value of sleep for athletic recovery. I mean, I already knew it was important , but I just assumed that as long as I was sleeping […]