Photo: Third key (Shutterstock) Nobody likes a broken phone screen—especially when you need to access something on your device, but can’t see your display at all. It’s a frustrating predicament, as Lifehacker reader Ayana explains in this week’s Tech 911 question: I dropped my phone in the tub about 4 days ago now. I thought I saved it in time but the screen eventually started glitching and the screen went black. It’s still on … still rings… I hear my message notifications still going off… I just can’t see and my screen is still black. [Is] there a way to access my phone’s messages and call logs without having to do something with the other phone? It’s important to set up your phone before disaster strikes This is a tough one, Ayana, because there are plenty of ways to do what you want to do. However, you’ll need to have set many of them up before you lost the ability to interact with your device. If you didn’t, you’re low on luck, and that’s the unfortunate byproduct of having devices that don’t necessarily sync your data to the cloud the minute you start using them. (This really should be the default option.) You didn’t mention what platform you’re using, so I’ll give you some solutions for iOS and Android. If you’re on an iPhone, it’s incredibly easy to access your messages—assuming you’ve previously synchronized them to iCloud. Pull up another Apple device like an iPad or MacBook, make sure […]