CLEVELAND — Life has not always been easy for Dean Roff, and he hasn’t always had a place to call home. What You Need To Know Homeless Hookup CLE is a nonprofit that works to better the lives of those experiencing homelessness The organization was able to find shelter for a homeless woman and her dog Homeless Hookup CLE was started by a veteran who was once homeless “I came home from the military in 2003,” explained Roff. “I was drinking real heavily and found myself homeless.” For nearly two years, Roff said he experienced homelessness until he quit drinking. Now, he helps others through his organization Homeless Hookup CLE. “We do things like pass out food weekly. We do lunches. We have a thrift store with free clothing,” said Roff. “I have an RV that we’ve turned into a barber shop, and the back end of it is a thrift store so it is capable of driving around and giving out haircuts, showers, food clothes and other resources like that.” He also helps people who need to get off of the streets and into shelters, like Eletta Garlandios. “When they say people have guardian angels, I never felt like I had one until I meet Mr. Dean Roff.” Garlandios explained. “He is my guardian angel.” Garlandios has been living on the streets of Cleveland for years with her dog Sweet Pea by her side every step of the way. “We’re velcroed together. Without her, I’d die,” said Garlandios. […]