Photo: Gabe Carey As John Wilson eloquently put it in his HBO docuseries How To with John Wilson , New York City “is a brothel of exotic chairs, pointing his camera at the row of nearly identical gaming chairs—all from different brands—standing before him. “And once you’re finally back in the market, you’ll notice that each one is desperately trying to seduce you.” Long before I set foot in upscale office chair brand Herman Miller’s recently opened ‘experiential concept store’ location in New York City’s posh Hudson Yards neighborhood, I had my eyes set on its Embody gaming chair . The end result of an unlikely collaboration between Miller and Logitech G, the computer peripheral company’s gaming subdivision, this gamer-friendly reskin of the regular Embody chair adds a touch of gamer flair to ensure your marathon play sessions never are never cut short due to a little back pain. Beyond the obvious Sonic-blue paint job on the backside of the chair, coupled with the Logitech ‘G’ etched to the front, the Herman Miller x Logitech gaming chair is blessed with an extra layer foam sitting between it and your butt. Not only does this make it more comfortable to sit on, but it’s also fused with copper to keep the chair cool and protect your posterior from swamp ass. Apart from those minor tweaks, Logitech’s take on the Herman Miller Embody isn’t much different from the original, of which the most compelling feature is its sophisticated backrest, modeled after […]