How do I put heat tape on pipes when the trailer bottom is covered with some kind of tarp-like material? (It’s black and I’m guessing it covers some sort of insulation.) I’m guessing I’ll have to remove the stuff temporarily. If so, where can I find a plumbing diagram so I don’t have to remove more than necessary? And how do I reattach the stuff? Also, we need to have 12 volt heat tape and have it turned on all the time when it’s below freezing, including while we’re traveling, right? We just want to be able to use the trailer at least a couple more months of the year, specifically March and October, and maybe into November. We’re around latitude 40°, which is roughly where Denver, Indianapolis, and Philadelphia are, and we wouldn’t be traveling any further north in the colder months. (We have a Coleman Lantern LT 17B. It’s cheap, but it has a good warranty, and we’re happy with it. The only problem we’ve had is that the door’s plastic T-catch broke almost immediately. And that we felt we had to stop using it and winterize it in October.)