After many miles and a few gravel roads, our motorhome had a number of paint nicks and chips. I blame it on the road and not on the fact that more than a few times I have opened our bay storage doors too close to a chair or table and WOMP! Oops… The last time we were at the manufacturer’s to have a few warranty items taken care of, I had the nicks fixed too. They showed me an easy fix – use mini automotive repair paint sticks or brushes. Works like a charm. Merely wipe the damaged area clean, dip the paint stick in the touch-up paint, wipe off excess paint and dab the nick. While the nick is still there, it is not nearly as apparent. The tiny paintbrushes also work great for touching up scratches on wood surfaces inside too. Want to give it a try? These are the brushes I used. ##RVDT1516