Half Ton Truck Towing hero By Tony Barthel How much can you tow with a half-ton pickup? It might surprise you that there is no single answer to this. It may also surprise you that your very light travel trailer may be much more than your V8 pickup is supposed to handle. What a half-ton pickup can tow varies widely depending on how it’s configured. Just because your truck has the big V8 and a tow receiver and, potentially, even a “tow package” doesn’t mean you can tow a trailer even if that trailer has the word “light” or “half-ton towable” as part of its description. Even within the same manufacturer, the capability of any half-ton truck model can vary substantially – even with the same engine choice. And there is also the matter of how close to the edge of any vehicle’s capabilities an owner should even get – which is subjective but still a safety concern. And, really, it’s not even how much you can tow that’s the most important consideration. It’s how easily you can stop or control the trailer if there is sway that is the most important factor, especially if things get squirrelly out there on the road. Nonsense, you say? Fine. Let’s look at the numbers. Because I own one of these, I’ve chosen to look at the Ram 1500 for this example. You might take a look at this thing and see the big 5.7 liter V8 with almost 400 horsepower and […]