It’s just after sunset in Mickleton and the show is about to begin. At first, a few cars drive by the brightly lit home of Gina and Steve Harbaugh Friday evening. Four hours later, the line to get a glimpse of their “Christmas Vacation” movie-themed holiday display — now known as the Griswold house — stretches a mile down Cedar Road. Volunteers from the East Greenwich Police Department patiently direct traffic onto Legends Court where the aura of Christmas spirit would make any grinch’s heart grow three sizes larger. Waiting to greet the carloads of people is a mannequin of Clark Griswold depicting the scene when he takes two extension cords and puts them together, finally getting the lights lit and Cousin Eddie emptying the septic tank from his RV. Another mannequin of Clark hanging from the roof, a 1984 LTD police car with its lights flashing, and a 1989 Ford Taurus station wagon with a Christmas tree strapped to the roof complete the all-too-real display. People drive by to view the “Christmas Vacation” movie light display at the home of Gina and Steve Harbaugh in Mickleton, Friday, Dec. 18, 2020. The smiles on the faces of both adults and kids as they drive by light up as bright as the house in front of them. But the end result of all this fun is to put a smile on the faces of families in need by collecting as many toys as possible. “I had set a goal early […]