I was intrigued a couple of weeks back when the University of Arkansas released information on research by Dr. Brian Primack showing increased use of social media among young adults is significantly more likely to lead to depression within six months. According to the university, his work is the first large, national study to show a link between social media use and depression over time. It’s set to be published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine in early 2021. Primack is the dean of the UA College of Education and Health Professions. It has been a long time since anyone viewed me as a young adult, but I can understand entirely why social media use and depression might be linked. Take, for instance, my harmless search for information a few months ago about recreational vehicles. The limiting effect of the covid-19 pandemic has spurred widespread interest in travel trailers, motor homes, truck campers and other modes of hitting the road with, literally, the kitchen sink and most anything else one needs to live while traveling. Sales and rentals have skyrocketed. And I’m as big a sucker as anyone for those dreams of seeing the nation by embracing the more nomadic side of the human spirit. I don’t know that I’ll ever get one, but being cooped up at home makes breaking out on the open road seem pretty attractive. Or even just a weekend at Beaver Lake or Lake Ouachita. Still, by searching the Internet for RV information, […]