(photo courtesy of the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Indiana) INDIANAPOLIS – The U.S. Attorney John Childress’s office has announced that Daniel Fruits, 46, of Greenwood was charged by a federal grand jury for his alleged role in three separate fraud schemes. The charges include a nearly $14 million fraud on an investor, an attempted mortgage fraud, and a vehicle title-washing scheme. The Indictment alleges Fruits spent the stolen funds on Ferraris, horses, Rolex watches, and escorts. According to the Indictment, Fruits defrauded a Kentucky investor over a four-and-a-half-year period while Fruits was employed at the investor’s newly-formed trucking company. The investor founded Secure Transit in 2015 and hired Fruits to manage the business. During that time, Childress’s office claims Fruits lied about the company’s financial health, who its customers were, and what the investor’s money was being used for. Fruits was allegedly sending the investor fake customer sales contracts and inflated financial statements. “This financial investor gave his hard-earned money to someone whom he thought he could trust,” said Childress. “Instead, the victim’s money ended up in the hands of a self-absorbed thief who only cared about his interests. Living a life of fraud is inexcusable and always comes to an end.” Fruits also allegedly asked the investor for other investments, including some for millions of dollars for new trucks and other business expenses. According to Childress’s office, Fruits spent most of the investor’s money on his own personal purchases and payments, including approximately $880,000 to […]