A golden statue of Donald Trump made an appearance at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), drawing immediate criticism and comparison to the Golden Calf of Exodus . University of Virginia Center for Politics founder and Director Larry Sabato tweeted: Ah, the Golden Calf. Cue Moses. — Larry Sabato (@LarrySabato) February 26, 2021 The even greater––or at least more immediate––irony is that w hile President, Donald Trump earned $1.6 billion in outside revenue and income, and a large chunk of that came from the properties that he himself visited while in office . Immediately after the election, Trump has raised $207 million for the alleged purpose of fighting voter fraud, but he has only used about $8 million . Trump is set to leave the White House with $850,000 of campaign rally debts . Some cities, like El Paso, are planning to bring the Trump campaign to court to get their money. There has been speculation that, this whole time, Donald Trump was “very aware” that he lost the election, but he allegedly put up a fight as a “performance” . Some 80% of Trump’s supporters think that Biden’s win was illegitimate . This has terribly implications for our nation. If we lose faith in our system, our system collapses. Now that Trump has no real chance, let’s see how he and his followers deal. About a week ago, Trump began to openly admit that Biden won the election, in his own, petty way. He couldn’t do […]