Giving our puppers the best is all we fur parents aim to do. And when they are especially good boys/girls we really want to spoil them. Stella & Chewy started in a kitchen in Brooklyn with a girl and her two dogs. She even named the company after them. All she wanted was the best for those canines and the raw pet food brand was born. Today take 25% off a few of Stella & Chewy ’s freeze-dried selections. There are five selections to choose from with all but one not priced at $7. These are made from grass-fed beef recipes, that are grain-free, and made right in the USA. The ingredients are simple which keeps costs low and nutrition high. This also good for dogs with sensitive stomachs or picky eaters. Going raw can help with not only digestion but can bring a luster back to a dull coat, make teeth and gums stronger, and give a big boost to their mood. There are no artificial ingredients because the closer foods stay to a natural state, the better it is. And that’s all we demand for our sweet fur babies, quality treats for a quality life. These will ship free for Prime members.