Winter RV camping with friends With the pandemic many RVers have resigned themselves to winterizing their RV and staying home this winter rather than going south. While going south may not be in the cards for you this winter, you can still spend some quality time enjoying your RV via winter RV camping. “When it comes to winter RV camping, it’s really all about preparation. So long as you’ve made the right plans and taken the right precautions, you can easily camp in the snow,” says RV blogger Megan Buemi . Beginner tips for winter RV camping Seek out a campsite with electrical service. Having electricity available allows you to freely use auxiliary heat sources like electric space heaters, heat strips in roof air conditioners , tank heaters, electric blankets, etc. Auxiliary heat sources can be used to stay comfortable and / or used to save precious resources like propane and house batteries. Note: The factory installed forced air furnace(s) should typically be the primary heat source during freezing weather, as the heat ducts are routed to protect the plumbing. Employ the use of heat tape where freshwater lines are exposed or poorly insulated. Use a small electric heater or drop light with an incandescent bulb in bays or other areas that contain plumbing components that aren’t well heated. Some may want to install a smoke detector in interior bays for added safety. Open bathroom and kitchen cabinets to allow warm air to circulate under counters to protect pipes […]