Image: Microsoft If you play games on PC or Xbox consoles, consider subscribing to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. You’ll get access to a massive library of 100-plus Xbox and Windows PC games, members-only discounts, and cloud streaming to Android devices (and, in 2021, on desktop, iOS, and Xbox consoles) for $15 a month. That’s an incredible deal, and it makes Game Pass Ultimate one of the best gaming subscription services available . But there are two tricks you can use to get the service for even less . Electronic Arts’ subscription service, EA Play, now comes bundled with Game Pass Ultimate. If you purchase a 12-month EA Play gift card for Xbox (normally $30), you can convert it into a code for 4 months of Game Pass Ultimate. That means active subscribers can get an additional four months of Game Pass Ultimate service for just $30—a 50% discount from what you’d normally pay. The deal gets even better for new subscribers, though. Microsoft normally gives new Game Pass Ultimate subscribers a limited-entry price of just $1 for a three-month trial . If you join at that price right now, you can use the EA-Play code trick to lock in seven months of Game Pass Ultimate service for just $31—which would normally cost you $105. Here’s how to get the discounted Game Pass Subscription: Redeem the code through the Microsoft store on your Xbox One or Xbox Series X, or in the Xbox Windows app on PC. The code will […]