Anker Soundcore Flare 2 | $50 | Best Buy Anker Powerconference | $100 | Best Buy At some point, the speakers on your laptop or phone may not cut it any more. You can’t really carry your laptop around the house while you do your chores, for instance, and its speakers are no match for your neighbor’s lawnmower in the middle of a company meeting. If you’ve ruled out a pair of headphones, you can always try out a good Bluetooth speaker for carrying a tune. Right now, Anker’s got a few on sale at Best Buy. You can get the Soundcore Flare 2 for $20 off, bringing it down to $50. For that, you’ll get an IP67 waterproof speaker with beat-syncing lights, and six lighting modes. If your needs are more work-focused, Anker’s Powerconference speaker is down to $100 from $130, and comes with six microphones for full-room coverage, so you can feel like a hotshot and pace around your living room during your next brainstorm session.