RVshare is so excited to introduce you to our new resident RV owner expert, Shi Delgrosso! Once a week she will contribute to our blog sharing her experience with renovations, listing on RVshare, branding, and more. Learn more about her and the RV that started it all, Joey, now! Hello! I’m Shi. Pronounced shy, though I am anything but. I remodel and rent out RVs as both a living and a hobby. This lifestyle isn’t something I’ve always dreamed of doing. It just fell into my lap! And I happily embraced it. Let me start at the semi-beginning. My husband, Robert, and I share 6 amazing children. Two are his, two are mine, and we have two little ones together. Call us the modern day Brady Bunch. Robert works in a popular casino on the Las Vegas Strip, and I used to be a manager in the hospitality industry. I loved my job as a manager. It fit well with my meticulous & outgoing personality. And I loved the people I worked with. But the hours were long and I was away from the family more than I’d like to admit. I missed my husband and I missed my babies. We both knew something needed to change. The idea of purchasing an RV came to mind. This would give us the freedom to travel the road during my time off, and spend more time with the kids. While also saving money on hotels & dining. Having so many kids […]