This is going to sound like a “Boy Who Cried Wolf” situation, but 2021 might just be the year cloud gaming takes off. The early signs are popping up everywhere. Google Stadia just released on iOS and Microsoft’s own cloud service will do the same in the spring. LG announced that both Stadia and GeForce Now will be available as streaming apps on its future TVs. OtterBox decided to crack into the gaming industry with a suite of mobile gear built with Xbox’s cloud service in mind. Even Amazon is getting in the game with Luna . All of that got me thinking: Was I really prepared for a mobile gaming revolution? I’ve played plenty of games on my phone, but I’ve never really tried to stream a full console game to my iPhone. As I was considering what controllers and game clips to pair with my phone, I realized something I was missing: a good audio solution. If you’re going to get serious about gaming on-the-go, good earbuds are a must. Fortunately, plenty of tech companies have specifically branded “gaming earbuds” meant for this purpose. What’s the difference between a gaming earbud and a standard earbud though? Is it just some clever marketing, or is there an actual advantage to grabbing a pair aimed at gamers over your regular, old Apple EarPods ? To put that question to the test, I tried out five different sets of gaming earbuds across a variety of devices, from iPhone to Xbox. […]