Photo: Jesse Seniunas (Shutterstock) If your new year’s resolution was to cut down on your screen time—how’s that working out for you? It’s barely a week old, and 2021 has already been a nonstop stream of major news events demanding our attention and the constant refreshing of our news feeds. Whether you want or desperately need to do a digital detox, you may be interested in learning more about an opportunity to spend 72 hours completely unplugged in a secluded Airbnb with snacks, gas money and a paycheck to boot. Here’s what to know. The trip The person (and their optional plus-one) selected for this adventure will spend three nights in a secluded Airbnb . They’ll also get a $200 stipend for gas and a delivery of snacks for their stay. Aside from logging exactly zero hours of screen time, the winner will also be responsible for completing a series of tasks (more on that below). Then, at the end of the excursion, they’ll get a $200 cash bonus for resisting their beloved devices. The whole package is valued up to $2,021. Rules and requirements In addition to being a U.S. resident over the age of 18 and agreeing to the terms & conditions of the challenge, the chosen person must adhere to the following rules: Leaving digital devices of all types in your vehicle Avoiding any screens or devices that happen to be in your Airbnb Keeping a daily journal of your experience Completing a short mindfulness exercise […]