Photo: Jesse33 (Shutterstock) Some people decided to use their extra time at home during the pandemic to brush up on skills that might make them more enticing to a potential employer. Others may have devoted their time to eating and watching TV. Either way, you may be interested in—and highly qualified for—the latest “dream job” contest, which involves getting paid $500 to eat pizza and binge-watch Netflix shows . Here’s what to know. What the role entails The successful candidate will get a free Netflix account, a budget for pizza delivery and snacks and a $500 paycheck. The position requires staying home, eating and then rating takeout pizza, and watching and then rating three Netflix original shows from the following list : The Queens Gambit Bridgerton Lupin Bling Empire Night Stalker: The Hunt For a Serial Killer Cobra Kai Surviving Death Ozark Virgin River The Umbrella Academy Ratched Below Deck Other (Unlisted series you’d like to watch) Then, you must review the shows based on their: Stories and plot lines “Netflix and Chill” suitability Acting quality and cheesiness Satisfaction of episodes and series endings You’ll also rate the pizza based on its: Appearance and color Base texture and taste Topping ingredient quality, flavor and cheese gooeyness Value for money How to enter In order to enter the competition, you must be a resident of the United States or Canada and be at least 21 years old. Then fill out this entry form , including the section on why you’re […]