Photo: Soloviova Liudmyla (Shutterstock) Apparently Hertz has too many rental cars sitting idle on the west coast, so they’re offering a new deal for one-way trips across the country, for as little as $9.99 per day. That’s at least on par with the cost of a flight or train, and it offers an alternative way to travel during the pandemic. How the deal works Hertz’s offer, dubbed “Head East Safely,” is only valid for pick-up through February 16, comes with a 10-day maximum, and is available at select locations. The official listed locations are: Pick-up markets Los Angeles Las Vegas San Diego Sacramento San Francisco Oakland Fresno Seattle Portland Return markets Florida Georgia Illinois Indiana Louisiana North Carolina South Carolina Texas Washington, DC However, other cities seem to be currently valid, too. I chose Western cities like Reno and San Diego, Eastern cities like Boston and New York, and got the same $9.99 per day deal (not including taxes and fees). You’ll have to poke around a bit, however, as not all cities trigger the discount. Plus, the 10-day window is absolute—if you’re traveling far, like from Los Angeles to New York, make sure you can fit in all that driving. Also, for $9.99, expect a small, compact car like a Chevrolet Spark or Ford Focus, although you do have the option to upgrade cars for a few extra bucks per day. Travel with caution As there’s an ongoing pandemic, you’ll want to follow CDC guidelines and stick to […]