Hey, long time lurker first time poster. Just wanted to share a deal I found to be pretty good, related to internet access. So, the t-mobile home internet plan that was launched in January, I just got this week. It’s $50/month for unlimited data, equipment included, 5g compatible. The modem itself runs on dc12v, has ethernet out and wifi. The best options before this plan/service, afaik, were to buy a grandfathered in unlimited plan somehow (otherwise you get up to $60-80-ish/month), and fiddle with apn settings, usb tether to modems that allow editing of TTL times, all kinds of workarounds. I always had unlimited wifi for my rv (tablets, laptop, tv, media streamer) off my mobile plan, but I have to buy 2 lines to get my existing $50/mo unlimited. Which has been fine, my mom has the 2nd line, but she barely used internet anyways. So, though I haven’t had this modem/plan very long, I expect if it continues as is, it would be a very useful plan for RVers like me. I need fast internet, but I can’t afford to invest in satellite, or commit to living somewhere long enough to sign a cable contract. This is just the perfect thing for me, if it turns out to be reliable, that I’m considering downgrading our cell plans for the first time in 12 years. My first speed tests on this device went from 30mbps-90mbps, whilst my phone can get around 15-25. I’m pretty excited about this, as […]