Fullerton City Council voted unanimously at their November 17 meeting to ban all RV parking on public and private streets citywide unless first obtaining a temporary permit from the police department. This has prompted concern from those living in Recreational Vehicles (RVs) in the City who feel they are being discriminated against for being poor. Prior to voting on this, a Fullerton police officer gave a Power Point presentation that showed photos of RVs lined up on streets in certain industrial areas along Valencia where some folks live in their RVs and vehicles. Some of the photos showed trash and waste surrounding the RVs. The photos were presented as justification for banning RV parking in Fullerton, except with temporary permits for “residents.” “‘Resident” means a person who customarily resides and maintains a place of abode or who owns land within the City, according to the ordinance, “It shall not mean a person who maintains an address at a mailbox drop or who rents a room that is not his or her primary place of abode nor shall it mean a person who maintains only a post office box, unless that person also provides evidence of residence at a street address within the City.” According to the last Point in Time Count (of people experiencing homelessness), the city of Fullerton has an estimated 308 unsheltered homeless people on a given night, a portion of which are living in vehicles. The exact number of people experiencing homelessness and living in vehicles […]